My Past Two Days…

Brianna Loewke
3 min readDec 18, 2020

So unrelated to the story I am about to tell. Here is my dog Dooney with snow on her face while my mother yells at her to pose and look cute for some photos. Although she struggled posing, she still looks darn-tootin cute if I do say so myself. So onto the story.

Hey, I am Bri. Let me introduce myself first, as this is my first post. I am an 18 year old undergraduate student at the University of South Carolina as a Mass Communication major. Next semester I am taking a writing in communications class, so this is my warm up to writing again for the first time in months to find my voice again. I feel like “good writing” is all about if I can hear you talking and can imagine what you are saying and if your voice is coming through. Your voice is what makes it YOU, what makes it interesting, and what makes it personal.

Anyways, as I said I am just a little college student from Maryland attending University of South Carolina. The woes of my first semester during a pandemic are a story for another time; right now I am going to talk about the Tom-foolery I witnessed the past two days!

For some back story, I am in a ten and a half month relationship currently and we both have TikTok. I mention we both have TikTok because it is the backbone for the whole story. So like I said we both have TikTok and all over my For You page on the app are these videos of couple doing Christmas/WinterWonderland- extravaganza dates and I wanted some holiday magic with my boyfriend, too! So for about a month now, I have been kinda trying to find the right date to hold this magical day for my lover-boy and buying matching Christmas pants and saving fancy hot chocolates and hiding candy and getting my mom to get some holiday candy apples and making the PERFECT Christmas playlist and movie list. I do all this for him and I to get SNOWED IN AT HOME.

To summarize, I could not see him to complete the date. So I spend the snow day sad and in my house alone cuddled up with a teddy bear he gave me for Valentine’s Day.

Then as if my mood was not already destroyed, I had to go to work the next day, all day. I woke up at the butt-crack of dawn… realistically at 9:30 am, but when you are used to waking up at 11:30 am, that is like dawn of the dinosaurs… and put on the most horrid shade of red for my uniform and go to work for 7 hours. Standing. Up. The. Whole. Time. (With one 30 minute break). All so I can make stupid money. Money is stupid anyways. Life should be free.

Regardless, I had a stupid past two days and now I have to wake up ACTUALLY early this time tomorrow morning to go skiing with said boyfriend so I can bruise my buttock from 9am to 6pm. At least he is excited to ski… and to watch me fall.

So hey Medium, I am Brianna.